Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainable Land Audit and Land Use Planning

The goal of a Sustainable Land Audit is to analyze the optimal ways to use the land in a regenerative manner and to identify opportunities to store carbon and to mitigate climate change. The process for the audit occurs in two parts—the first part is to conduct a survey of the property to identify existing land resources, which is the “Audit,” and the second part is to conduct the analysis to identify opportunities to use the land in a more sustainable and ecologically responsible manner, which is the “Plan.”

We focus on three main areas of sustainability—restoring or enhancing natural habitats, improving water quality, and creating opportunities for improving human health. By doing so, we identify places on the landscape that are suitable for the restoration of forest, grassland, and wetlands, and quantify the projected amount of potential carbon storage and produce cost estimates for installation and maintenance of these areas. We also suggest locations for green infrastructure and identify opportunities for flood water storage and water quality improvements. Finally, we plan for ways to reconnect humans to nature, improving physical and mental health, and providing education about sustainable land use.

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